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Save content from the Internet to your notes

Doesn't matter whether it's to remember what you read, take notes, read later or build swipe files - Tressel makes it simple!

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The Problem

Saving content online is tedious and time-consuming

A better way to send money.

Manually copy-pasting sucks

And sometimes isn't practical on mobile

Read-it-later apps don't export

You'd have to hack a solution with Zapier

You won't remember what you save

There's no system to resurface your content

The Solution

Save in a few clicks & auto-export to where you need your notes

Plus, read it later in your own dashboard and get highlight emails so you remember what you save

Import from Twitter

Save tweets, threads and conversations between 2+ users by replying or DMing "@tresselapp save/save thread/save conversation" or just bookmarking the tweet

“I gather a lot of information from Twitter. Having Tressel to copy them to my second brain was a game changer! It's a great tool that really facilitated my workflow.”

Leonardo Chicaybam, Researcher
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Import content from Reddit

Save posts and comments by simply saving/bookmarking them (saving via replies and DMs coming soon!)

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Export to Evernote

Tressel will automatically create and sync to a new notebook in your Evernote library with all your saved content

“I struggle with a massive backlog of Twitter bookmarks that I never end up looking at. Tressel is handy for sending them to Evernote where I can see them and use them as I write...”

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Josh Pitzalis, Entrepreneur
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Export to Notion

Find your saved content waiting for you in an automatically created database inside your Notion workspace

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Export to Obsidian

Have your saved content automatically sync to a new folder in your Obsidian vault in Markdown files

“I've been using @tresselapp for my Obsidian workflow to fill the missing gap integrating twitter to my knowledge base. Pretty neat integration, effortless and nice formatting for the threads.”

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Lucas Vanagas
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  • Import tweets, threads & conversations via public comments
  • Sync to Notion, Obsidian & Evernote
  • Syncs every 5 minutes


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For personal knowledge management professionals

$5 /mo

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What's included

  • All the features in the free plan
  • Import tweets, threads & conversations privately via DM
  • Import tweets privately via bookmarks
  • Import Reddit posts and comments privately by saving

Frequently asked questions

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You can find instructions/guides on how to import and export content from all your favourite apps

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