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Men, if you want to build muscle, read this:...

<div>Men, if you want to build muscle, read this:

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<div>Begin with the end in mind

A proportional physique is pleasing.

A disproportionate one is obvious…

And not for the right reasons.

You want to add muscle in the right places.

To do that, know the result you want before you start:</div>

<div>1. For an athletic well-balanced physique, you’ll want:

• Broad shoulders • Well-developed chest • Thick well-defined arms • Defined abs and obliques • Strong yet not overdeveloped traps • Legs proportionate to the upper body • V-Taper muscular back (thickness + width)</div><img key=0 alt="thread_img" style="width: 50%; margin-top: 1rem" src= />

<div>2. Back

Target all of the back musculature to build width and thickness.

• Thickness – Chest Supported Row / Seated Row / Barbell Row / Deadlift

• Width – Pull-Ups / Lat Pulldowns / Chin-Ups / Straight Bar Pulldowns</div>

<div>3. Chest

Hit the upper, middle and lower part of the chest.


• Upper – Incline Dumbbell Press / Incline Bench Press

• Mid – Barbell Bench Press / Flat Dumbbell Press / Banded Push-Ups

• Lower – High to Low Cable Flies / Decline Bench Press / Dips</div>

<div>4. Shoulders

Work all three heads of the shoulder to make them broad.

• Front – Overhead Press / Dumbbell OHP

• Lateral – Cable + Dumbbell Lat Raises / Machine Lat Raises

• Back – Lying Face Pulls / Kneeling Face Pulls / Reverse Pec Deck</div>

<div>5. Arms

Most of the growth will come from compound movements like bench press but some isolation work will help with extra definition.

• Biceps – Incline Dumbbell Curls / Hammer Curls / Cable Curls

• Triceps – Overhead Rope Extensions / Overhand Bar Pushdowns / Triceps dips</div>

<div>6. Legs

Target each of these muscles :

• Quads – Barbell Back Squat / Front Squat / Bulgarian Splits

• Hamstrings – Romanian Deadlift / Glute Ham Raises / Deadlift

• Glutes – Hip Thrusts / Reverse Lunges •Calves – Leg Press Calf Raise / Machine Calf Raise</div>

<div>7. Abs

Abs are made in the kitchen and the gym.

You to train them HARD if you want definition.

• Upper Abs – Decline Sit-Up / Weighted Cable Crunch

• Lower Abs – Handing Leg Raises / Captain’s Chair Raises

• Obliques – Thread the Needle Plank / Cable Woodchoppers</div>

<div>8. Compound over isolation movements

Isolation exercises are great but don’t give them your full focus.

Focus progressing with:

• Squat • Deadlift • Pull-Ups • Bench Press • Incline Dumbbell Press • Standing Overhead Press

These will deliver 80% of your results.</div>

<div>9. Warm up

You lift heavier if your muscles are warmed up.

Before your first exercise (e.g. bench) perform a few warm ups sets.

• 1st set – the bar for 10 reps • 2nd set – 50% working weight for 8 reps • 3rd set – 70% for 3-4 reps • 4th set – 90% for 1 rep</div>

<div>10. Men, if you want:

• Real results • To succeed in life • To believe in yourself • To become unstoppable • Gain unstoppable confidence

You NEED discipline.

Get 'Iron Clad Discipline' and become an UNSTOPPABLE man.

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Have a good day!</div>

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